Dream Interpretations



August, 2003

Dear Tracey,
I had a dream that I was observing a man pumping milk out of a fire hose onto the ground and the milk was flooding the ground up to his waist. Does this mean anything?

This is a very positive message from your unconscious! Milk is nourishing. That the man in your dream was flooding the ground (his foundation) with the nourishing milk right up to his waist tells me that you are in need of nourishment...and your greater self is providing this nourishment to you right now. It is interesting that the first three chakras (energy centers) are the ones that are being bathed in this healing milk. If you didn't receive enough nourishment and unconditional love from your mother when you were a child, then you are receiving it right now. The three centers in need of love are:

1st Chakra - Root: This chakra grounds you. Keeps you real and well connected to the Earth.
2nd Chakra - 2" below Navel: This chakra houses both sexual and creative energy.
3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus: This chakra connects you to others in healthy relationships. It houses your self-esteem.

Would you say that the first three 'physical' chakras were, indeed, in need of nourishment? The dream implies that your top four chakras are doing just fine! (4th-Love, 5th-Expression,

6th-Vision, 7th-Connection with the Divine). This nourishment is available to you right now, Rudy! Lucky you...soak it up!

Dear Tracey,
I have had several dreams where I have sex with my husbands brother. I haver never ever been attracted to him. I don't get it!

It's not as weird as you think it is! Your unconsious works in wonderfully mysterious ways. You must remember that every person in your dream is an aspect of yourself. Think about your husbands brother...what are his main character traits? Just off the top of your head, write them down. Now.... ask yourself if you have those same qualities? The traits that you see in your husbands brother just may be a reflection of the exact same traits within yourself that you are not very proud of. These aspects of yourself need a little lovin'! It is that simple. Good feeling sex dreams are a way for your subconscious to send you some good self-love feelings. Gotta love those sex dreams!

You were so on target for me. He does have traits that are like me! Matter of fact people have said that we are very alike (stubborn). I finally accepted this and worked on it. You were right! Thanks for the insight... you are so good!


July, 2003

I am happily married, but often dream of past relation-ships. The dreams are always emotional. What does this mean?
Sincerely, Petra

Don’t let these dreams worry you. The fact that you’re happily married yet still dream of exes doesn’t mean that you still want those exes, it simply means that you haven’t cut the emotional ties to them. Your sub-conscious is alerting you to this fact and wants you to do something about it, because it is hindering your growth. You need to let go of the past so that you make room for the future. If you write these dreams down carefully, you may notice that the "solution" is built right into your dream. All the guidance you need bubbles up from within...you just have to listen for it.

I suggest that you do some writing on this subject. Write down each man's name and follow the fishing-line of pain/emotional upset/lack of confidence (whatever it may be!) down to the root of the problem. Write it all down. Brainstorm. Once you have done that, your conscious self will become fully aware of what your subconscious self already knows! By bringing your past emotional ties and upsets to the surface of your consciousness, they can be let go.

Then, the next step would be to ask for a healing dream, just before you fall asleep. If you focus your energy into resolving this past relationship issue, night after nght, you will have excellent results. You’ll know a healing dream by the way it makes you feel...joyful! Dancing and music play big roles in healing dreams, too. Lastly, if you add a physical cleanse to this emotional cleanse, you will be reinforcing the whole goal
of flushing out the old, to make room for the new! Cleanse away, Petra!


June, 2003

Dear Tracey,
I usually dream of floods and rushing water. When I wake up, I feel awful and afraid. I don't know why. What does this mean? Peter

Floods and rushing water usually mean that your emotions are welling up and overwhelming you! Are you feeling overwhelmed by the your life? Do you acknowledge your emotions during your day? Your dream is showing you that you need to release your emotions as they come up....or cease putting yourself into situations that overwhelm you emotionally. You'll know that you've grown, in regards to your emotional nature, when you start dreaming of swimming in the water! Look forward to that...

Dear Tracey,
A couple nights ago I dreamed that I had some Xrays taken and the doctor found a tumor in my left breast. The dream was scary and I was afraid to have the surgery to get the tumor out. This dream worries me. My birthday is May 15, 1967.

Even though the emotion you felt was fear, this dream is actually a good one! Unless you've been having recurring

dreams with distinct cancer symbolism (rust, rats, worms) in them, I wouldn't worry about this dream. Dreaming of a 'growth' somewhere on your body means that your Soul wants to Grow!! Growth can be scary (you were afraid, in your dream)....because you may outgrow certain relationships, your job and other stable structures in your life. That the growth was in your breast, close to your heart could mean that there is a new unconditional love growing within you. The breast is very nurturing, loving, nourishing...this inner growth will feed your soul!

Oooooh, I just checked your natal chart and I found the culprit....Jupiter! Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion...and he happens to be activating both your Sun and Neptune, right now! Coincidence? I think not! Jupiter is urging you to expand your sense of Self, your philosophy, to integrate new foreign ideas into your world view, to expand the deep
 spirituality that comes naturally to you. This is wonderful, Nicole! This period of amazing spiritual and philosophical growth started in August 2002 and lasts until August 2004...but the most intense period of growth (as shown to you in your dream!) takes place in July and August of 2003. You don't need to know astrology to interpret your dreams, but the planetary energies sure back it all up and validate what your subconscious is already in touch with, naturally! Don't be afraid, Nicole...just expand your heart and grow...you just may notice that others will grow with you!

May, 2003

Dear Tracey,
Can you please give me some insight into this unusual but pleasant dream that I had? The dream begins as I enter a century old barn which has a cavernous loft. I am sweeping it out to move in. As I clean it, my bed appears along with my dresser. It was as though I was back in time. My dresser drawers are filled with multicolored long necked bottles. (Potions?) There is a lot of clutter, but no clothes. On the east side of the barn, there is a gaping hole where doors once kept the elements out. Birds fly in freely. I stand barefoot at the edge of the gaping doorway and gaze outward into deep space. A cool breeze blows in and the galaxy outside lights my face. There is a bluish light that colors the scene, as the world rotates languidly, filling my consciousness with wonder. Dazzled, I float out into the sea of stars.
Sincerely, Otaku

Wow, what a spectacular dream! The barn, as a structure, represents your emotional and psychological Self. The spaciousness of the barn and loft shows that this dream is about your clear uncluttered Self. There are no hidden rooms and no

surprises. It's all One. YOU are all one! The free-flowing birds coming in through the large doorway are symbolic of your thoughts, ideals and ideas. In this simple pure state of your soul, there is no conflict in your mind. Just freedom! If you have just been through a challenging period in your life, this dream is verrrry healing. Dissolving all conflict. Setting your mind at ease. So you're cleaning out the barn? Excellent! You are cleansing yourself on a deep level and making a fresh start. Those long-necked bottles in different colors are fascinating. These colored 'vessels' mark the beginning of a huge transformation! Long-necked bottles were used in alchemy to transform 'baser matter' into Gold. That you had multi-coloured bottles in your dream indicates to me that the whole 'spectrum' of your being is about to go through a Transformation! The east side of the barn was open. The east represents beginnings. This
dream is showing you that you are being intitiated into a new phase of your life. You end up standing on the edge of the Universe, unafraid. This is breathtakingly wonderful! This is your True Self! Communing with the collective unconscious...being a part of the Oneness of it all! Mmmmm! You are VERY connected to the other-world, Otaku, and it's beautiful that you are allowing all that vital energy to flow through you.
Enjoy the days ahead and recall the feeling of this dream as you gently transform...


April, 2003

Dear Tracey,
I've been having a difficult relationship with a woman friend of mine. Last night I had a dream that I was having a very frank conversation with her about how she has hurt me, and while I was talking all that was coming out of my mouth was bubbles! I felt frustrated and embarassed. Can you please tell me what this means?

The embarrassment you felt in your dream makes it clear that you feel uncomfortable with this friend. Does her attitude in real life undermine your self-confidence? Do you feel like she never listens to you? Children blow bubbles...which makes me think that this woman friend of yours makes you feel like your opinions are childish and not worth listening to. The sooner you talk to this woman, the better, Nina! Treat your next real-life conversation with her like symbols in a dream that need examination and interpretation...you may find that the two of you no longer gel in a constructive, positive way. Seek out people that will aid in your growth rather than limit it!

Hi Tracey!
Yes, you're right on with all that you said. Whenever I have tried to tell her anything about how she makes me feel, she won't validate my feelings and will turn it around on me. Talking with her about things just seems like a waste of time. Thanks for your input!

I had a dream that I buried three beautiful white eggs in soil in a terra cotta pot. What do you think this means? Laura

Ooooooh this is a wonderfully spiritual dream, Laura! It shows that you are ready to commit to nourishing the three aspects of your self: Mind, Body and Spirit...so that they may become One and Whole. The seed has been sown and you are in a gestation period now. Nourish and balance the three aspects of yourself and await the birth of the next phase of your life with calm expectancy.


March, 2003

Dear Tracey,
I have two recurring dreams. The first is a dream where I am in an airborne airplane that is having difficulties. The second is where I am being chased by a tornado. Both of
these dreams create a lot of anxiety in me. What is going on here? My birthday is October 28, 1969

Taken together, these recurring dreams tell me that the source of your anxiety lies in the over activity of your mind. Airplanes and tornadoes involve the element air. Air rules thoughts, ideas and plans. Your dreams are showing you that you are constantly worrying and overwhelmed by your thoughts. You must learn to relax your mind.

I looked up your natal chart and, sure enough, I see that you can't shut that mind of yours off! There is an indication in your chart that you can relax your mind by being near water; gazing out over the ocean, swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans, having baths, even doing the dishes....as long as it's done in solitude, will cleanse the anxiety from your mind and replenish your soul.

Let your thoughts go and do some simple daydreaming. Find a style of meditation that resonates with you. These recurring dreams are urging you to deal with the anxiety that you’re creating out of thin air. Change your thoughts, change your dreams and change your life, Megan!

February, 2003

Dear Tracey,
I dreamed that I found a pair of knee-high white boots in an attic. I wondered who's they were and why they were there. Are these boots significant?

That is a beautiful dream, full of potential. The attic is symbolic of your higher, more knowing self. White boots represent a pure divine path. When you are ready, you will recognize those white boots as your own!

Dear Tracey,
I wake up almost every night thinking that I am not alive. I know it sound crazy but I actually wake up saying, "I am dead". I have started having panic attacks because of this and I don't understand please give me some insight? My birthday is December 12, 1961.

I checked your natal chart and it is just as I suspected! The

dreams you are describing sound like something I experienced myself, a few years ago. I’m a Sagittarius too, so I know what you’re talking about. You are simply going through the most important transformation of your life! I know...that sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? You have Pluto sitting atop your Sagittarius Sun. Pluto’s energy can feel very dark to perennially optimistic Sagittarians. What is happening is that Pluto is encouraging (some would say demanding!) you to let go of the old you (the Self you always thought you were) in order to allow the birth of a fresh, new renovated you. It can feel quite strange...this whole Death/ Rebirth thing, if it’s a concept that you’re not familiar with. Did these dreams and panic attacks start in January 2003? My advice would be to go with the snake-shedding-it’s-skin imagery. Trust that the new you will emerge slowly but surely...and you will be more powerful and beautiful than you can imagine.The transformation process gets easier the longer you’re in it so, by the end of this transit at the end of 2004 you will be surprised and delighted in the changes in yourself. We Sagittarians are a bit of a hard-sell on this transformation stuff because we tend to be pretty happy with ourselves! (aren’t we awful!?) But, we too, can improve! And improve you will!