The Basic Edgar Cayce Diet

All citrus fruit help to maintain the Alkalinity of your system

The following summary describes the Basic Cayce Diet recommended for healing and health maintenance for most people.

Of course, Edgar Cayce was fully aware that every body is different and that we need to listen to our own individual bodies, too. That said, here is the basic outline! :)


A red pepper grown from my own container garden...deeeelicious!

The Acid-Alkaline Balance

Edgar Cayce frequently emphasized the importance of maintaining a proper acid-alkaline balance by eating mostly alkaline forming foods.

According to Edgar Cayce one's daily diet should contain 80% Alkaline-Forming Foods and only 20% Acid-Forming Foods.

The Alkaline-Forming Foods are:

  • All vegetables except dried beans, lentils, asparagus tips, and garbanzos. Vegetables should be in the proportions of three that grow above the ground to one that grows below the ground, and one leafy vegetable to every one of the pod vegetables.
  • All fresh fruits except cranberries, plums, olives, prunes, and blueberries (preserves and canned fruits are usually acid-forming).
  • Almonds, chestnuts, Brazil nuts, and hazelnuts.


The Acid-Forming Foods are:

  • All meats except beef juice and bone meal.
  • All grains, cereals, and bakery products except for soybeans.
  • All dairy except buttermilk, yogurt, raw milk and whey.
  • Peanuts, pecans, and walnuts.

Click on any of the food photos to go to my Food Made with Love page where there are many delicious recipes! This one is beet (good for your blood and liver), avocado, walnut or pecan, sauteed mushroom and raw broccoli salad. Mmmm sooo tasty!


Food Combinations to Avoid as they may cause problems in the digestive system:

  • Two or more starchy foods at the same meal.
  • Sugary foods and starchy foods.
  • Milk and citrus fruit or juice.
  • Cereals and citrus fruit or juice.
  • Large quantities of starchy foods with meat or cheese.
  • Coffee with milk or cream.
  • Raw apples with other foods. (That's why the 3-Day Apple Fast is so good for us!)

Fresh passionfruit -YUM!


Edgar Cayce's Quotes on a Alkalinity vs Acidity

"If an alkalinity is maintained in the system - especially with the lettuce, carrots and celery, these in the blood supply will maintain such a condition as to immunize a person."

Colds are often the result, according to the readings, of an unbalancing of the alkalinity of the system: "Colds cannot - do not exist in alkalines."

"The less activities there are in physical exercise or manual activity, the greater should be the alkaline reacting foods taken. Energies or activities may burn acids, but those who lead the sedentary life or the non-active life can't go on sweets or too much starches...these should be well balanced."

"An over-acidity may be produced by overeating of sweets, especially before sufficient food has been taken at meals."

"The acidity is produced by taking too much sugar in the system in candies, and in those properties as were taken before the stomach was filled with foods, and then overloading the system at such times, or by combining sweets and starches, or several starches at the same meal."

An abundance of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits helps to maintain the alkalinity of the system. Lemons, especially, are a good alkalizer, and the readings consistenty recommend adding a little lemon or lime juice to orange juice.


Typical Daily Menu

Start your Day
with a glass of hot water with lemon or lime.

Either citrus fruit, or cooked or dry cereal.

A Raw Vegetable Salad with the Works or fruit salad.

Steamed vegetables served with fish, poultry or lamb.

PS: Edgar Cayce often said that at least one raw meal should be taken a day so that you receive the vitality and enzymes of the vegetables and fruits in their natural, most healthy state.


Raw and so refreshing: Organic celery, red and yellow pepper, garbanzo beans and a squeeze of lime, a dash of salt and pepper and some olive oil...


Food Preparation

Proper food preparation is important to preserve nutrients and avoid toxicity.

  • Steam vegetables in their own juices (i.e., patapar paper).
  • Never fry foods.
  • Use fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits whenever possible.
  • Avoid aluminum cookware.
~ Take time to deepen your enjoyment of cooking...put on some music, pour yourself a glass of wine (even Edgar Cayce said that a small glass of red wine, if tolerated, is a good blood builder and vitality enhancer :) and really enjoy making the food you are going to eat. This infuses your food and your mealtimes with very very positive energy...and that positive energy is ingested by're actually eating the good vibes you produce......Watch your health and vitality improve with each meal you make with love and enjoyment and anticipation....~


Warm pears with nuts and raisins heal any bronchial and lung issues...


Attitudes and Emotions

Edgar Cayce stated that even the most nutritious foods can turn to poison in the system if eaten while a person is in a negative frame of mind. Never eat when angry, worried or extremely tired.

He says: "True, the body should eat, and should eat slowly; yet when worried, overtaxed, or when the body cannot make a business of eating but is eating merely to pass away the time, or just to fill up time - it is not good. For, the food will not digest, as the body sees."

"It is a great detriment to better physical functioning to overload the stomach when the body is worried or under any general strain. Equally bad for the body is to take foods whether or not there is felt the need or desire for them."

Fresh raw mangoes...