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Click on the group that includes your Galactic Signature
Chronological order from left to right

For example: I am a White Crystal Mirror. I do not click on the White Mirror Wavespell, no. Instead I search for the full name: White Crystal Mirror and then click on Blue Hand, since that is the Wavespell that includes my signature.

Don't know what a Wavespell is? Click on your Wavespell below and find out!

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Red Magnetic Dragon
White Lunar Wind
Blue Electric Night
Yellow Self-Existing Seed
Red Overtone Serpent
White Rhythmic World-Bridger
Blue Resonant Hand
Yellow Galactic Star
Red Solar Moon
White Planetary Dog
Blue Spectral Monkey
Yellow Crystal Human
Red Cosmic Skywalker

White Magnetic Wizard
Blue Lunar Eagle
Yellow Electric Warrior
Red Self-Existing Earth
White Overtone Mirror
Blue Rhythmic Storm
Yellow Resonant Sun
Red Galactic Dragon
White Solar Wind
Blue Planetary Night
Yellow Spectral Seed
Red Crystal Serpent
White Cosmic World-Bridger

Blue Magnetic Hand
Yellow Lunar Star
Red Electric Moon
White Self-Existing Dog
Blue Overtone Monkey
Yellow Rhythmic Human
Red Resonant Skywalker
White Galactic Wizard
Blue Solar Eagle
Yellow Planetary Warrior
Red Spectral Earth
White Crystal Mirror
Blue Cosmic Storm

Yellow Magnetic Sun
Red Lunar Dragon
White Electric Wind
Blue Self-Existing Night
Yellow Overtone Seed
Red Rhythmic Serpent
White Resonant World-Bridger
Blue Galactic Hand
Yellow Solar Star
Red Planetary Moon
White Spectral Dog
Blue Crystal Monkey
Yellow Cosmic Human

Red Magnetic Skywalker
White Lunar Wizard
Blue Electric Eagle
Yellow Self-Existing Warrior
Red Overtone Earth
White Rhythmic Mirror
Blue Resonant Storm
Yellow Galactic Sun
Red Solar Dragon
White Planetary Wind
Blue Spectral Night
Yellow Crystal Seed
Red Cosmic Serpent

White Magnetic World-Bridger
Blue Lunar Hand
Yellow Electric Star
Red Self-Existing Moon
White Overtone Dog
Blue Rhythmic Monkey
Yellow Resonant Human
Red Galactic Skywalker
White Solar Wizard
Blue Planetary Eagle
Yellow Spectral Warrior
Red Crystal Earth
White Cosmic Mirror

Blue Magnetic Storm
Yellow Lunar Sun
Red Electric Dragon
White Self-Existing Wind
Blue Overtone Night
Yellow Rhythmic Seed
Red Resonant Serpent
White Galactic World-Bridger
Blue Solar Hand
Yellow Planetary Star
Red Spectral Moon
White Crystal Dog
Blue Cosmic Monkey

Yellow Magnetic Human
Red Lunar Skywalker
White Electric Wizard
Blue Self-Existing Eagle
Yellow Overtone Warrior
Red Rhythmic Earth
White Resonant Mirror
Blue Galactic Storm
Yellow Solar Sun
Red Planetary Dragon
White Spectral Wind
Blue Crystal Night
Yellow Cosmic Seed

Red Magnetic Serpent
White Lunar World-Bridger
Blue Electric Hand
Yellow Self-Existing Star
Red Overtone Moon
White Rhythmic Dog
Blue Resonant Monkey
Yellow Galactic Human
Red Solar Skywalker
White Planetary Wizard
Blue Spectral Eagle
Yellow Crystal Warrior
Red Cosmic Earth

White Magnetic Mirror
Blue Lunar Storm
Yellow Electric Sun
Red Self-Existing Dragon
White Overtone Wind
Blue Rhythmic Night
Yellow Resonant Seed
Red Galactic Serpent
White Solar World-Bridger
Blue Planetary Hand
Yellow Spectral Star
Red Crystal Moon
White Cosmic Dog

Blue Magnetic Monkey
Yellow Lunar Human
Red Electric Skywalker
White Self-Existing Wizard
Blue Overtone Eagle
Yellow Rhythmic Warrior
Red Resonant Earth
White Galactic Mirror
Blue Solar Storm
Yellow Planetary Sun
Red Spectral Dragon
White Crystal Wind
Blue Cosmic Night

Yellow Magnetic Seed
Red Lunar Serpent
White Electric World-Bridger
Blue Self-Existing Hand
Yellow Overtone Star
Red Rhythmic Moon
White Resonant Dog
Blue Galactic Monkey
Yellow Solar Human
Red Planetary Skywalker
White Spectral Wizard
Blue Crystal Eagle
Yellow Cosmic Warrior


Red Magnetic Earth
White Lunar Mirror
Blue Electric Storm
Yellow Self-Existing Sun
Red Overtone Dragon
White Rhythmic Wind
Blue Resonant Night
Yellow Galactic Seed
Red Solar Serpent
White Planetary World-Bridger
Blue Spectral Hand
Yellow Crystal Star
Red Cosmic Moon

White Magnetic Dog
Blue Lunar Monkey
Yellow Electric Human
Red Self-Existing Skywalker
White Overtone Wizard
Blue Rhythmic Eagle
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Red Galactic Earth
White Solar Mirror
Blue Planetary Storm
Yellow Spectral Sun
Red Crystal Dragon
White Cosmic Wind

Blue Magnetic Night
Yellow Lunar Seed
Red Electric Serpent
White Self-Existing World-Bridger
Blue Overtone Hand
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Red Resonant Moon
White Galactic Dog
Blue Solar Monkey
Yellow Planetary Human
Red Spectral Skywalker
White Crystal Wizard
Blue Cosmic Eagle

Yellow Magnetic Warrior
Red Lunar Earth
White Electric Mirror
Blue Self-Existing Storm
Yellow Overtone Sun
Red Rhythmic Dragon
White Resonant Wind
Blue Galactic Night
Yellow Solar Seed
Red Planetary Serpent
White Spectral World-Bridger
Blue Crystal Hand
Yellow Cosmic Star

Red Magnetic Moon
White Lunar Dog
Blue Electric Monkey
Yellow Self-Existing Human
Red Overtone Skywalker
White Rhythmic Wizard
Blue Resonant Eagle
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Red Solar Earth
White Planetary Mirror
Blue Spectral Storm
Yellow Crystal Sun
Red Cosmic Dragon

White Magnetic Wind
Blue Lunar Night
Yellow Electric Seed
Red Self-Existing Serpent
White Overtone World-Bridger
Blue Rhythmic Hand
Yellow Resonant Star
Red Galactic Moon
White Solar Dog
Blue Planetary Monkey
Yellow Spectral Human
Red Crystal Skywalker
White Cosmic Wizard

Blue Magnetic Eagle
Yellow Lunar Warrior
Red Electric Earth
White Self-Existing Mirror
Blue Overtone Storm
Yellow Rhythmic Sun
Red Resonant Dragon
White Galactic Wind
Blue Solar Night
Yellow Planetary Seed
Red Spectral Serpent
White Crystal World-Bridger
Blue Cosmic Hand

Yellow Magnetic Star
Red Lunar Moon
White Electric Dog
Blue Self-Existing Monkey
Yellow Overtone Human
Red Rhythmic Skywalker
White Resonant Wizard
Blue Galactic Eagle
Yellow Solar Warrior
Red Planetary Earth
White Spectral Mirror
Blue Crystal Storm
Yellow Cosmic Sun