Quotes on Dreaming

by Seth


A new page, complete! It's quite a radical idea (I like those!) but what if you were to change your sleeping pattern? What would happen? According to Seth you'd be more creative, alive, balanced and healthy! Check out my experience with changing my sleeping pattern and what Seth has to say about it here


Request the answer to any problem and it will be given, but you must trust yourself and learn to interpret your own dreams. There is no other way to do this except by beginning yourself and working with your own dreams, for this will awaken your intuitive abilities and give you the knowledge that you need.

The dream state, however, does operate as a rich web of communication between probable selves and probable existences. All probabilities spring from inner reality, from the psyche’s own inner activity and structure.

As your private conscious life is lived in a community setting of one kind or another as a rule, so do your dreams take place in the same context, so that as you dream for yourself, to some extent you also dream for your own family, for your community, and the world.

In the dream state, then, you are sometimes aware of too many stations.

The inner ego always identifies with its source-identity as a beloved, individualized portion of the universe. It is aware of the universal love that is its heritage. It is also aware of the infinite power and strength that composes the very fabric of its being. Through being made aware of these facts, the exterior ego can begin to feel a quicker sense of support and nourishment. The knowledge can let it relax, let go, so that it feels its life couched and safe, and knows itself to be indeed a beloved child of the universe, both ancient and young at once, with an identity far beyond the annals of time. It is of great value, then, that each person remember this universal affiliation. Such a reminder can often allow the inner self to send needed messages of strength and love through the various levels, appearing as inspiration, dreams, or simply pure bursts of feeling. The inner ego draws instant and continuous support from the universal consciousness, and the more the exterior ego keeps that fact in mind, the greater its own sense of stability, safety, and self-esteem.

The dream as you recall it is already a translation, then, but an experienced one.

Without dreams the outer camouflage self would lose all touch with inner realities, or would be in danger of thus denying its own heritage.


One level of dream life deals particularly with the biological condition of the body, giving you not just hints of health difficulties, but the reasons for them and the ways to circumvent them. Information about the probable future is also given to help you make conscious choices.

That [dream] reality represents your origin, and is the natural environment in which the psyche resides.

...so that to understand a dream properly we should first discover at which conscious area it originates. Individuals can be enabled to find the point of origin for themselves, after an attempt is made to recall any given dream or dreams... A state of dissociation is necessary, a letting down of egotistical barriers in order that inner symbolisms can be appreciated and distinguished. The change of focus alone will aid in intuitional enlightenment, and association can then rise more easily through the subconscious areas.

Your dream images are biologically structured, then. The experiences behind them bring you in contact with the deepest portions of your nonphysical reality, and it is the unconscious who translates these for you into recognizable images and forms. In the same way your unconscious also transforms for you, from an otherwise undifferentiated maze of reality, fields of activation into recognizable objects and events in your daily life.

Dreaming does represent an open channel through which the material environment is transcended. There are as yet undiscovered, bizarre changes in the brain during certain dream states, an acceleration that quite literally propels the consciousness out of its usual space-time continuum into those other realities from which it comes.

This bouncing back of energy into itself is the meaning of the dream state, in which experience that is basically nonphysical is embarked upon, and is then interpreted as a dream through the brain. Your deepest dreams involve nonmaterial comprehensions, however.

It is quite possible to take your normally conscious I into the dream state, to your advantage. When you do this you will see that the dreaming I and the waking I are one, but operating in entirely different environments. Therefore, you become familiar with depths of experience and knowledge unknown to you before. You acquire a true flexibility and expanded awareness of your own being, and open channels of communication between your waking and dreaming realities. This means that you are far better able to utilize unconscious knowledge, and also to acquaint the unconscious with your present physical situation. Such a procedure can bring you in contact with wisdom you have been denying yourself, help unify your entire life situation, and release your energy for practical everyday purposes.

That kind of dream awareness can literally regenerate your life, though the original impact will be forgotten, and the entire event will usually be translated into images before awakening. Such dream events may be called experiences of basic being. During them, the self or consciousness literally travels to the source of its own energy.

To follow yourself into your own dreams is a fascinating endeavor, and there in the dream context you can become aware of the working of your own consciousness. To do so you must believe in the integrity of your own being.


By suggesting before sleep that solutions to problems be given you, you automatically being to utilize your dream knowledge to a greater extent, and to open the doors to your own greater creativity.

But every self is also a part of its own greater being, a part of the energy from which it continually comes. In dreams your energy pulsates back toward the being that you are. In a manner of speaking, you travel back and forth each night through atmospheres and entry points of which you are not aware. In your sleep you do indeed travel, again, those vast distances between birth and death. Your consciousness as you think of it transcends these leaps and holds its own sense of continuity. All of this has to do with the pulsations of energy and consciousness, and in one way what you think of as your life is the apparent length of a light ray seen from another perspective.

One of the main purposes of dreaming, therefore, is to increase man’s pleasure, which means to increase the quality of living itself.

If small families kept track of their own family dreams, for example, they could discover unsuspected correlations and sense the interplay of subjective and objective drama with which they are always psychologically involved.

When you dream, however, you often come in contact with these cousins of consciousness. It is not simply that they communicate with you, or you with them, so much as it is that in sleep the conventional properties that you have learned are somewhat loosened and abandoned.

The members of some ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, knew how to be the conscious directors of dream activity, how to delve into various levels of dream reality to the founts of creativity, and they were able to use that source material in their physical world.

In the dreaming state, such fluctuations also happen. It should be obvious that there yon can leap from time. Much more is involved, however, for there are separate strands if you prefer, of consciousness that are naturally pursued in the dream state, and these can be followed with some training and diligence.

The picture is a relatively simple one, all in all - one in which each consciousness is assumed to be directed toward a particular focus, is ensconced in one body, with its existence bounded by birth at one end and by death at the other. Unfortunately, that picture is as limited as any one of your photographs. You are used to examining your dream state from the viewpoint of your waking condition, but some time in the dream state try to examine your normal waking reality. Simply give yourself the instructions to do so. You may be quite surprised with the results. Speaking as simply as I can, and using concepts that you can understand, let me put it this way: From the other side - within what is loosely called the dream state there is an existence quite as valid as your own, and from that viewpoint you can be considered as the dreamer. You are the part of you concentrating in this reality. You form it through information and through energy that on the one hand has its source outside this system, and that on the other constantly flows into this system - and so in that respect the systems are united. Give us a moment ... The same applies to all consciousness of any type or variety. In a manner of speaking, then, your cells dream. There are minute variations of electrical discharge, not now perceivable, that could pinpoint this kind of fluctuation on the part of cells, and also on the part of atoms and molecules.

In dreams you take many subjective photographs and decide which ones among them you want to materialize in time. To a certain extent, therefore, the dreams are blueprints for your later snapshots.

The true art of dreaming is a science long forgotten by your world. Such an art, pursued, trains the mind in a new kind of consciousness...A practitioner of this ancient art learns first of all how to become conscious in normal terms, while in the sleep state.

In almost all instances, demons in dreams represent the dreamer’s belief in evil, instantly materialized.

Now: If you are honest with your thoughts and feelings, then you WILL express them in your waking life, and they will not cast disturbing shadows in your dreams.

In the dream state any individual can find the solution to whatever challenge exists.

I told you to take a moment while you were within a particular dream, and to use it to try to discover what had been happening within the dream before you experienced it.

The dreaming psyche is actually as awake as you are in your normal waking life.

The natural healing that often occurs in the dream state is undone in the waking state, in which any such cure is seen as miraculous and against the rules.

In the dream state, with your body more or less safe and at rest, and without the necessity for precise action, these psychological intrusions become more apparent. Many of your dreams are like the tail end of a comet [meteor?]: Their real life is over, and you see the flash of their disappearance as they strike your own mental atmosphere and explode in a spark of dream images.

To some extent your dreaming state is a connective between the of life you recognize and this far vaster dimension that is its source.

Seth - as channeled by Jane Roberts