The whole world is currently in a Blue Electric Storm Year

(the third year in a new 13 year cycle)

July 26, 2008 to July 25th, 2009


and the theme for this year is....

Personal Revolution through movement, change and your creativity!

Blue Storm urges you to... clear old past patterns, past experiences, judgments, memories, and expectations to create the new purified space of freedom!

Tone 3 - Electric - Rhthym


Blue Storm - Cauac

Shadow Wisdom of Blue Storm

Do you feel insecure about taking risks? Are you uncertain about making choices? Have you hit a growth edge or an invisible wall? Perhaps you have been experiencing intense feelings or undefined anxieties. That is natural, for you are now in the crucible of evolution. During the major shift that is occurring, every level of your being is transforming. You may be concerned about your physical process and health. Remember to care for yourself. The intensity you feel is the quickening and purification of this time of Blue Storm.

The wisdom offered in this shadow is found in embracing the teachings of your life's experience. Blue Storm brings up core issues and cleans hidden corners, revealing any separation from Source. At times, life may seem unbearably intense or difficult, and you may even desire to escape the reality of this world. This in turn can create denial and addictive patterns, which only intensify the process. In this shadow are found addictions of all kinds: to substances, fear, sex, self-doubt, material comforts, relationships, work, and others.

In the shadow of Blue Storm, you may even experience feelings of despair and the desire to give up. Be encouraged. You are on the frontier of the unknown! You are in the process of transformation, discovering yourself as new sacred ground. Your feelings are magnified so that you will address them and use this energy to create the ecstasy of freedom. Break through your barriers to union! The totality of this transformation challenges everything in your reality. Surrender all that perpetuates the illusion of separation. Cast these things into the fires of Blue Storm, and your true essence will rise from the ashes transformed.

Embrace everything that happens to you and you will regain all the vital energy that can be applied to the purposes of evolution.



Now is the time to move into the Light of Blue Storm

Qualities of Blue Storm: purification, transformation, reunion, light body, activation for ascension, thunderbeing, lightning path, initiation by fire, ecstasy of freedom.

Ruled by the combination of Aquarius/Uranus/11th house and Scorpio/Pluto/8th house with a little Sagittarius thrown in to the mix.

In receiving Blue Storm, you are entering into a time of profound quickening and transformation. You have come to the edge of what you have known yourself to be. Blue Storm beckons you to step into a fire that changes every level of your being, even the underlying structures of your life. Step into the unknown - your metamorphosis has begun!

Blue Storm helps you move from apparent separation into reunion. You are at a crossroads. You are in the midst of a personal revolution, clearing old patterns, past experiences, judgments, memories, and expectations. You are being purified and quickened into your light body, activated for rebirth.

Blue Storm prepares you to go through an apparently insurmoountable wall, and the intense feelings around this "wall" provide the very fuel that will propel you through it. These feelings are the access to your hidden power and potential. Be purified by the cleansing rain and transmuting lightning of Blue Storm. Feel the embrace of the thunderbeings. Discover the freedom of the true adventurer, the freed "actor" who can play any part at any moment without attachment. Trust your Essence Self to bring this freedom to you. Through Blue Storm, allow yourself to become a master player in the great game.

You give up what you seem to be in order to become fully what you are

Only your true identity will live through these fires, for you will be reborn in the heart of All That Is.


Harmonic Wisdom of Blue Storm

The harmonic wisdom embodied in Cauac is freedom, which can be defined as the state of being unconstrained by fate, karma, necessity, or circumstances in one's choices or actions. Freedom is an open reality wherein you know that you are at choice every moment. This state of being originates from an innate perception of reality. It is the understanding that you are an 'actor', free to play any part at any moment without being attached to it. You work with your life's 'scripts', your attachments and perceptions, in order to free them. From this perspective comes the fullest freedom: learning to live in natural harmony and union with divine will.

In music, this concept is expressed by the term 'a piacere', which means "at the pleasure of the performer." As a divine actor aligned with divine will, you are free at any moment to dance the dance of ecstasy.

The musical descriptor of this harmonic is senza, meaning 'without measure.' This refers to a composition that has the feeling of freedom. Since all limitations and separation are illusory, freedom is without measure.

Our Tone for this year is Tone 3 - Electric - which means that the theme of change is amplified as both Blue Storm and Electric energy require it!

Movement, change, natural flow, current, creativity, integration, sacred trinity.

Three is the ray of Rhythm, the galactic heartbeat of natural flow. This universal river offers you movement, and all possibilities flow within its pulse. Open yourself to its current of change!

The Electric Tone of 3 suggests that there is something you desire to change or integrate into the natural flow of your life. Become the 'third point of light,' created from the integration of polarity. Feel the pulse of the sacred trinity within you, revealing a new creation. Allow it to integrate that which has seemingly been lost, separated, or obscured from your sight.

If you have a tendency to be scattered in your creativity, make an extra effort to focus your energy. Align with your intention to express the truth. Now is the time for the Great Mystery to reveal itself through you. Know yourself as the capstone of light. Allow your creativity to express your spiritual journey.

These excerpts were taken from the book, "The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner - Click here to email Ariel and purchase a signed copy!

Dream Symbolism of Blue Storm/Cauac and/or Electric energy

If your dreams are full of the following dream images or feelings you are experiencing Blue Storm!

Rushing water, rain, stormy oceans, tears/crying.
Lightning, electricity sparks.
Fire in any form; burning houses (tranforming Self), forest fires (showing that your unconscious material/self is being activated and transformed).
Walls that you come up against - can't go over, under or through them.
Flying (desire for Freedom, being/feeling Free!)
Death in all it's myriad forms.
Electrical sockets
Brand new space waiting to be filled

Specific to Electric

Moving house
Wild dogs, wolves, any wild animal (a part of yourself requires integration!)
Messages (notes, phonecalls)

Astral travel may be activated at this time too.

Emotions felt while waking or dreaming: Fear, intense highs and lows, feeling ill-at-ease, uncomfortable, self-doubt, flat, excited, free!


Astrological Significance

Check your astrological chart to see if you have transits that include Pluto and/or Uranus - or if your Sagittarius planet is particularly activated.

Blue Storm/Cauac combines the intense transformative powers of Pluto (and Scorpio) with the radical re-wiring and revelatory powers of Uranus (and Aquarius) to bring you the freedom of Sagittarius.


Personal Observations

I asked for and received several dreams over the past few nights that indicate what kind of energy is coming in for all of us this Blue Electric Storm's an overview:

Dream 1: I was with a foreign girl and we'd only been friends for a few days - it was like we were travelling...turns out it was her birthday on Friday, July 25th! I had given her a present not knowing...but then wanted to get cake and coffee to really celebrate. But first, we disovered three wild, savage dogs in this fabric cave hanging from the rafters...

Birthday: the birth of something new....the New Year coming up! A time of celebration - welcoming in the new energy. Three wild dogs - wow - direct connection to tone 3 Electric - and as Laura and I discussed on the Facebook group - a call for us to integrate our 'beast'! to not let our unconscious, wild, selves rule our lives.

Dream 2: A very sad and tragic woman was essentially haunting the bathroom that I was in - the electrical socket would occasionally shed a tear (I saw it!) as indication that her energy was still there...had still not let her pain go.

I'd say that's a pretty clear indication that we need to eliminate (bathroom!) all old pains, memories, perceived "tragedies" etc...a la Blue Storm! Why haunt ourselves? I think the tear coming out of the electrical socket is hugely all know what water and electricity create together...a SHOCK...very Blue Storm...lightning shocks all that is superfluous out of our minds, body's, souls...

Dream 3: It was moving day! I was actually moving house and it had taken all day to move to a different city with all my boxes. Everyone had said that it was very very difficult to find a big, cool place in this town but...within minutes of arriving with all my stuff I had found a place (natural flow) and I was living in this big super-cool space with lots of different rooms to explore. The thought in my head was: I LOVE empty spaces that are waiting to be filled and lived! Then, the joy ended when my ex boyfriend (he IS ex but I'm not sure for how long....ooooh man) phoned me and wondered why he hadn't heard from me all day. In the dream we were broken up like we are now so I wasn't sure why he was being so demanding. When he began to lecture me on keeping in touch with him I woke myself up as I yelled into the phone: I'm so sick of you telling me what to do!! Ay yay yay - I know that's personal information but the really wild thing is that 4 years ago on the first day of the Blue Crystal Storm year I had a dream where I said the line: FREE AT LAST! so intensely that it woke me up, too! Soooooo I know what my personal journey with Blue Storm is this year!

Are your dreams clarifying your issues that need to be cleared and purified too? If you have Blue Night in any part of your signature or in a significant spot in your wavespell (1st day or 13th day) you might get messages very easily from your dreams and guides, too. If the messages don't come in dreams just pay attention to your reality every day - anything that hooks you is what you need to face...

Happy New Year everybody!!






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