Co-Creative Wavespell Calendar
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A synthesis of dreamspell, western and lunar energies!

November 3, 2010

"I am an open chalice. I am the joyful expression of the abundance of the universe!"

(Yellow Self-Existing Human New Moon in Scorpio day on November 6, 2010)

My Co-Creative Mayan Wavespell e-Calendar is now ready!

I am very excited about this new, inspiring tool. We are the ones we've been waiting for...
Let's Co-Create our individual lives and the greater reality with greater mastery!

In La'kech
White Crystal Mirror


Hello Everyone!

While I was taking a break from Facebook in October to re-charge my batteries I was struck by an idea, a new tool essentially, that I'd love to share with you all. I am working hard at getting my very first Co-Creative Wavespell e-Calendar ready in time for New Years 2011 but I wanted to give you all a taster before that with a mini-version for the next two Wavespells that contain the next New Moon Cycle in Scorpio on November 4th. I've been doing very powerful Moon ceremonies with my friend that take into consideration western astrology, dreamspell energies, lunar cycles and, of course, what crops up for us, individually, on the day. What I'm doing is observing what Wavespell is on, what Moon Cycle is happening (New, First Quarter, Full or Last Quarter), what western astrology energies are available and what the daykeeper/tone is for the day...then...the Theme takes shape and I do a bit of synthesis for y'all in hopes that by following it yourself you're made aware of the energies and themes that are available to you thus aiding you in truly being a conscious co-creator of your reality and the world! It's just another Tool (My Wavespell starts with Blue Hand, how can you tell??!) for us to focusing our attention on archetypal energies available and using them to our and the world's benefit.

To read about how the Ceremonies came about and the idea behind them read this

The real e-Calendar for 2011 will be a PDF calendar-style for each 13-day Wavespell with the 13 days and their daykeepers in squares and then the notes on the energies will be in boxes above - photo will be included! This little sample won't be looking like that - but you'll get the gist anyway....

Join us energetically by following this Wavespell and the Lunar looks like a very tranformative November!


Red Moon Wavespell
November 3rd to 15th, 2010

Sun at 11 degrees Scorpio
Saturn at 11 degrees Libra conjunct Libra Moon
Mercury at 22 degrees Scorpio (hey, conjunct my Neptune :)
Venus retrograde at 2 degrees Scorpio

The question for this Wavespell is:

"How do I open to self-remembrance to freely receive divine guidance....and ...surrender to the perfection of deeply trusting the processes that are at work in my present spiral of evolution?"

This Red Moon (Muluc) Wavespell is the container for the energy of the New Moon and the First Quarter Moon. The New Beginning/Discovery energy of the New Moon and the Testing/Creative stage of the First Quarter. During these 13 days, Red Moon is encouraging us to remember who we are. To remember our connection to the larger pattern. To really plug ourselves in to our Divine Selves. All the Scorpio energy will help us go deep deep deep into the Truth of ourselves....remove the masks, the clothes, the superfluous. Since Red Moon is the one daykeeper that calls in the wisdom of and the access to the Master Teachers that walked the earth (Jesus, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl) I thought it very very interesting, indeed, that on the day that this Wavespell begins the degrees of 3 planets are in Master Numbers! (11, 22, 33, 44 - they offer us access to higher vibrations than just the 2, 4, 6 and 8 that they reduce to) So, that tells us that much wisdom is available to us during this wavespell...whether we access the information through the Akashic Records or simply by going inside and discovering our Inner Masters this is what Red Moon is encouraging us to focus on. "As a galactic beacon and receiver, I have direct access to the Divine." During this wavespell be with others who support your fullest expression!

The New Moon is on November 5th, 10pm PST but for most of the world the New Moon falls on November 6th and my intuition tells me that, after looking at all the energies, the New Moon Cycle is definitely about the Day 4 Daykeeper: Yellow Self-Existing Human. This is a New Moon Cycle of Transformation on a very physical, human, re-wiring level! Hold on to your hats!

Sun and Moon conjunct at 13 degrees in Scorpio
Sun and Moon sesquiquadrate Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces
Pluto conjunct North node at 3 degrees in Capricorn

The New Moon in Yellow Self-Existing Human (Eb) is preparing our circuits for transformation. This is supported by the Sun/Moon in Scorpio at 13 degrees (13 is the Death/Rebirth number) Yellow Human also tells us to strengthen and clear our physical vessels in order to receive the expanded energies of higher mind. Scorpio is also great at transforming health issues, healing, clearing and eliminating toxins. Now, what really blew my mind was the fact that the Sun/Moon conjunction are just sitting there looking very unaspected by the more popular aspects (trine, sextile, square) (this is a clue that these energies are very important) but...when I followed the faint dotted line of a lesser used aspect it led me right to the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. Ahhhhh the Sesquiquadrate! I don't use that aspect ever but this aspect really supports this line: "Yellow Human also tells us to strengthen and clear our physical vessels in order to receive the expanded energies" (Jupiter) "of higher mind." (Uranus! Uranus actually is the higher vibration of Mercury, which is small mind. Wild eh? I just love it when our systems/tools dove-tail like this!) So, expect some Jupiter/Uranian expansion to happen while you're clearing out the old....plug yourself in to new, benevolent energies and ideas that hit you like a bolt out of the blue and knock all that is no longer serving you right out of you. New patterns, pathways, ways of being await you....

Self-Existing energy is all about Form which implies that we really want to make substantial physical changes during this cycle. Forms are changing. We are changing. We can transform our Form, our Body, the Form our Mind/Thoughts take. Self-Existing energy asks us to manifest our dream or vision and to give our ideas discipline and form in order to fully realize our potential as a Human.

The Yellow Human New Moon cycle gives us 28 days to re-wire ourselves and expand to include all that we are! Even if you don't do the "Activate your Inner Hero" exercise to expand into all that you are on the actual New Moon day it would be a good one to do at any time during this New Moon cycle.

"Through the fruits offered by Yellow Human, you are being activated, cleared and tuned to become a fully potentiated human being."

Create your Yellow Self- Existing Human New Moon Ceremony! Here, I took a jug and filled it to the brim with expanded consciousness. When we clear and purfiy the mind, body and spirit many beautiful gifts rush in to re-fill overflowing abundance...

Ceremony Ideas and/or exercises for the New Moon in Yellow Self Existing Human
~ Manifest your vision of yourself as a cleansed, re-wired, expanded, Self Realized Human.
~ Empty a vessel and then fill it to the brim with your expanded self.
~ This is the perfect time to do my Inner Hero Exercise to expand into all you are...
~ Keywords to inspire your ceremony: abundance, harvest, chalice, emptiness, open vessel, quickening, cornucopia, ginger, cleanse, re-wire, Fire, South
~ "Be willing to 'not know', to be empty so that you can be filled by expanded consciousness. Befriend your mind. Use your body as a receptor for higher frequencies."


The First Quarter Moon is on November 13th at 9:40am PST in Blue Spectral Storm (Cauac).

Sun trine Jupiter/Uranus
Sun square Moon/Neptune

To continue with the Yellow Human, Scorpio theme of Transformation we have the 1st Quarter, testing phase, in Blue Spectral appropriate! Spectral energy asks us to strip away all that is superfluous so that we are liberated from all that isn't us. "Cherished ideals, beliefs, and images of all kinds are being brought up for you to reexamine, illuminate, and transform." Blue Storm encourages us to let go of all addictions and obsessions and to integrate our shadows so that we can actually be free instead of living with the illusion that we're free (not possible when we're addicted...whether it's to work, cigarettes, your lover, food...). Blue Storm urges us to step into the Fires of Transformation to burn off the dross and refine ourselves. The 1st Quarter is all about getting rid of all that no longer serves us so that we can step into who we really are. Very liberating! What do you need to Liberate??

*All 13 days of the Wavespell will be outlined on the page below in the e-Calendar but that part isn't ready for this little taster. To see what each of the 13 days are click on Red Moon Wavespell*


Now we enter a new Wavespell....

White Wind Wavespell
November 16, 2010

Sun in Scorpio trine Jupiter/Uranus/Moon in Pisces
Sun square Neptune/Chiron
Mercury/Mars in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Libra

The question for this Wavespell is:

"How do I go with the flow and surrender to the perfection of the Magic that happens when I let go of control?"

The White Wind (Ik) Wavespell is the container for the culmination/blossoming (Full Moon) and integration/final outcome (Last Quarter) stages of the New Moon Cycle that started November 6th in Yellow Self Existing Human.

White Wind asks us to pay attention to every moment. Be open, aware, and present. Go where the breath of inspiration takes you. "Move with the currents of change that are being offered. Embrace the unseen forces that move to guide, inspire and assist you." Let life live you during this cycle of transformation and purification and expanded self!

The Full Moon is on November 21st at 10:28am PST in Blue Rhythmic Hand (Manik)

Sun opposite Moon and both being squared by Neptune
Mars conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius

With this Full Moon we're on the threshold of birthing something new within ourselves...but first, we must complete! Blue Hand is the last level (7) before moving up to Yellow Star (the new harmonic octave of being) so here, we're being asked to examine what needs completion in our life. "Within completion there is a natural flow toward the new. Be like water. With fluidity, move through the gateway that opens for you." "Manik represents the ability to see intrinsic beauty within yourself and all things. When you are standing in your full beauty and power, your very presence invites others to be all that they are."

Rhythmic energy (6) asks us to bring balance into our lives and to bring heaven to earth....using the our spiritual tools and gifts we've come into this world with and by standing in our full beauty and power...

If you need to complete something that has to do with writing or communicating or coming up with positive new benevolent ideas or anything to do with foreign places and foreign ideas then Mars conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius will help you do that! There's a lot of energy behind you...remember Beauty & Power and try not to let the Ego (Mars) take over...teach by example, don't preach! (I can say that because I'm a Sagittarius...heh heh)

Venus went direct on the 18th after being retrograde for 5 weeks so now is the time to move forward in the beauty, love and values-about-relationships arena...

Create your Blue Rhythmic Hand Full Moon Ceremony! Here I am dancing on the beach in my full beauty and power (!). Blue Hand is associated with dance, mudras and beauty. Create a ceremony that acknowledges the beauty around you and the beauty inside you. There is no separation!

Ceremony Ideas and/or exercises for the Full Moon in Blue Rhythmic Hand
~ Star of David (Rhythmic 6) which is two triangles together representing Heaven and Earth.
~ "Look at your many gifts: dance, song, divination, healing, art. What did these gifts come to serve?"
~ Keywords to inspire your ceremony: dance, mudra, initiation through the gateway, water/waves, completion, opening, beauty, divination, spiritual tools, priest/priestess, Water, West.
~ "Examine what asks for completion in your life. Experience yourself as a tool of the light."

The Last Quarter Moon is on November 28th at 1:38 pm PST in White Cosmic Wizard (Ix)

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Virgo (both 6 degrees)
Mars/Mercury sextile Neptune - 26 degrees
Neptune in Aquarius trine Venus in Libra

The Last Quarter brings us to the integration phase of this transformative cycle. We're asked to integrate all that we've discovered and explored during this New Moon Cycle. Cosmic (13) energy suggests that we surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern or our Essence Selves and ask the question, "What movement is being called for now?"

White Wizard reminds us that 'not knowing' opens our mind and heart to allowing magic to happen. Align your mind with your heart and your own will with Divine will. Neptune sextile Mercury/Mars (Will itself!) at exactly 26 degrees and Neptune trine Venus today is definitely supporting this! Spiritualize (Neptune) that Will (Mars) and bring your heart (Venus/Neptune) into your mind (Merc/Mars). Step into self empowerment and open to heart-knowing and limitless, magical possibilities! I'll surrender to that any time!


So, I hope to get the e-Calendar done in time for the Wavespell that starts on December 25th and contains the New Year energy - 2011! I've written quite a bit on the energy of 2011 numerologically, astrologically, and dreamspell-aly.Remember how 2010 started with Blue Night and really brought the idea of being Conscious Co-Creators to the forefront of our thoughts? Well, we're moving into a brand new year with lots of major planetary shifts - including the 'last' greater mayan spiralling cycle that starts in the Spring and lasts only until Dec 21, 2012. Our evolution and consciousness is really speeding up now!

If you think you'll be interested in purchasing a full-colour, visual, with photos Wavespell e-Calendar let me know at tracey* (the * is an @) and I'll put you on the list! The e-Calendar, in PDF format will only be $8.88

I would love to publish it in a hard copy - if you think you'd be interested in a hard copy over the e-Calendard please let me know.

Love and Light to you all!
In La'kech
White Crystal Mirror